About Family Natural Health In Portland

Dr. Mary Caselli has been serving Portland families since 1986. With a commitment to ‘Do No Harm’, Dr. Caselli has practiced as a primary care Naturopathic Doctor Portland Oregon, working with prevention and treatment of acute as well as chronic conditions. As a Portland Naturopath, Dr. Caselli works in conjunction with her patients to uncover the underlying cause of disease and disharmony in the body. By working together to remove the cause, one can be more assured at achieving optimal health. In Naturopathic medicine, symptoms are used as a tool to uncover the underlying problem. The goal of a Portland Naturopath doctor or IBS natural treatment Portland Oregon is not to simply treat symptoms, but to understand what is causing the symptom. This is the fundamental difference in the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine and Allopathic medicine. Also as a portland naturopath Dr. Mary do thyroid disorders treatment, Hashimotos thyroiditis treatment, low thyroid function, digestive disorders fatigue, hormone imbalance food, allergies adrenal fatigue treatment in Portland.