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Dr. Mary Caselli
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Dr. Mary Caselli has been serving families in Portland since 1986 as a trusted Portland naturopathic doctor . Dr. Caselli works in conjunction with her patients to uncover the underlying cause of disease and disharmony in the body. In naturopathic medicine, symptoms are used as a tool to uncover the underlying problem. Naturopathic medicine supports the concept of restoring balance by using herbs, nutritional,homeopathy,and lifestyle changes is what sets naturopathic medicine on it’s unique platform of healing.


“Path to optimal health” achieved  by looking for an underlying cause to disease/imbalance and restoring balance/homeostasis by using natural medicines, diet,  and lifestyle. In the process ‘do no harm’ as taught by Hippocrates, the father of medicine.


Nutritional supplements are vital to supporting the cells and organs of the body. Most minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and micronutrients should come from our food.

However, when the body is not in homeostasis or balance…

Physical Medicine

Pain in the back, neck, or joints is often due to either spasm, strain, sprain, inflammation, or lack of mobility of a joint. There are many things naturopathic medicine has to offer for reducing inflammation to the muscle, joints and tissues. This includes injuries due to…


Dr. Caselli has studied homeopathic medicine for over 30 years. After completing a residency at naturopathic medical school, she spent 6 months in India working side by side with a renowned Homeopathic physician. Together they saw 80-100 patients per day.

Herbal Medicine

Botanical / Herbal Medicine is a branch of naturopathic medicine which uses hundreds of plants as medicinal agents in the treatment of disease.

The World Health Organization estimates that healing herbs are the primary medicines for two…


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Some examples of insurance we accept are: Aetna, ASH, Assurant, BCBS, CHP, Cigna, GreatWest, Healthnet, Health Partners, Humana, Lifewise, Kaiser, Megalife, ODS, Pacificare, Pacific source, Unitedhealthcare and Providence.

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

Follow the path to optimal health. Naturopathic medicine is a comprehensive method of restoring balance in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Lifestyle
  • Botanical/Chinese Herbs
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Manipulation
  • Vitamins/Minerals/Amino acids

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Dr. Mary Caselli,N.D., P.C. in Portland has been a lifesaver for both my daughter and myself for over a decade. Her care and immediate attention (when necessary) has been deeply caring, professional and highly knowledgeable in the nature of treatments, in office care, supplements recommended, follow up and reference to other professionals. Hypertension and cholesterol, menopause, broken ankle, stiffness, allergies have been areas well cared for by Dr. Caselli as well as her recommendations on change of diet and exercise. For these reasons, my daughter and I have had high quality care and live full lives both professionally and personally. We are deeply grateful. 

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Dr. Caselli is not accepting new patients at this time. She will be on sabbatical from April 20,2021 until the end of the year.
Please schedule with Dr. Alexandra Gotea,ND,LAc or contact her with any questions