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  • Dr. Mary Caselli,N.D., P.C. has been a lifesaver for both my daughter and myself for over a decade. Her care and immediate attention (when necessary) has been deeply caring, professional and highly knowledgeable in the nature of treatments, in office care, supplements recommended, follow up and reference to other professionals. Hypertension and cholesterol, menopause, broken ankle, stiffness, allergies have been areas well cared for by Dr. Caselli as well as her recommendations on change of diet and excercise. For these reasons, my daughter and I have had high quality care and live full lives both professionally and personally. We are deeply grateful.

  • Mary Caselli has been my primary care provider for the past three ( ?) years; prior to that I sawh her on an ‘ad hoc’basis depending on my insurance and her availability. she is a wonderful example of naturopathic medicine nurturing and maintaining well being instead of treating illness. I recommend her whole heartedly and without reservation | am a healthier and happier person under her care. Specifically, she identified and helped to resolve a low-grade anxiety that affected me emotionally and physically for decades. with her gentle persistence, I’ve been successful in letting go of sixty pounds in the last year and managed to keep it off. Finally, she is non-judgmental and direct in her communication, sKilled in diagnosis and always ecouraging (and the people’ I’ve referred to her concur)! 

  • Dr. Caselli has been my primary care provider since shortly after she began he practice in 1987. Over the years we have worked on food allergies for migraines, nutrition, colds/flu’s, routine physical exams, spinal manipulation, identified a B12 deficiency and gives me periodic vitamin/mineral injections.She has treated me for pain due to a car accident, and has helped me avoid drugs for many ailments because I do not tolerate allopathic medicine very well. I find her to be thorough, concise, and she does not hesitate to refer me to another provider if needed for a specific issue. There is a sense of caring that she exudes no matter what issues she may be treating me for that I greatly appreciate. I plan to continue my health care with her and refer people to her whenever possible.

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Dr. Caselli is not accepting new patients at this time. She will be on sabbatical from April 20,2021 until the end of the year.
Please schedule with Dr. Alexandra Gotea,ND,LAc or contact her with any questions