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Botanical / Herbal Medicine is a branch of Naturopathy which uses various types of plants as medicinal agents in the treatment of disease.

The World Health Organization estimates that healing herbs are the primary medicines for two thirds of the world’s population. Approximately 30% of all prescriptions still contain active constituents derived from plants, and the average physician writes eight herb- based prescriptions daily!! The use of herbs to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialized societies.

Various carbonated drinks (Coke) and other beverages (Coffee and Tea) are all based on herbal medicines. Did you know that Coca cola began as an attempt to develop an herbal headache remedy!

The very word drug comes from the early German “droge”, meaning to dry, as in drying herbs, which is the first step in processing herbs in to medicines. Aspirin was originally created from two healing herbs – willow bark and meadowsweet. In fact, meadowsweet’s old genus name, Spirea gave us the “–spirin in “aspirin.”

Using herbs from Chinese medicine, ayeurvedic, and western botanical medicine gives Dr. Caselli a broad base of knowledge to prescribe for a wide variety of ailments.

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