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I have studied homeopathic medicine for over 30 years. After completing my residency at Naturopathic medical school, I spent 6 months in India working side by side with a renowned Homeopathic physician. Together we saw 80-100 patients per day. In addition to this invaluable experience, I have attended hundreds of conferences around the country sharpening my skills and understanding of this very complex method of healing.
Homeopathy is literally ‘like cures like.’ We use substances from plant,animal or mineral which are prepared in a very precise manner. They are diluted and succussed according to exact homeopathic specifications. The skilled practitioner must take a very detailed intake/history to understand the patient thoroughly. A homeopathic remedy is prescribed specifically for each individual based on their physical symptoms and their personality type. Each homeopathic remedy has detailed descriptions of which type of patient would benefit from each particular homeopathic medicine.The correct remedy will stimulate the body to restore homeostasis which is when the body is able to heal.

Portland Naturopath : Homeopathic medicine is an integral part of my practice. It is extremely safe for everyone, including babies and pregnant women. There are no side effects. It is effective for a multitude of problems including depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, skin problems, urinary problems, immune disorders, so many more health issues it is too many to list.

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Dr. Caselli is not accepting new patients at this time. She will be on sabbatical from April 20,2021 until the end of the year.
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